Digital Arms Joins Forces with Arsenal to Bring Elevating Gaming Experience with IP Licensed Firearms

Digital Arms
2 min readSep 28, 2023


We are excited to announce that Arsenal, a leading 3D First-Person Shooter (FPS) game by Fabwelt Studios, has entered into a strategic partnership with Digital Arms, a pioneer in offering authentic, licensed firearm NFTs. This alliance is set to blend the thrill of competitive gaming with the realism and uniqueness of digital firearm assets, elevating the player experience to new heights.

The collaboration will see the integration of the legendary Barrett M82A1 into the Arsenal gaming environment, adding a fresh layer of strategy and realism to every match. But that’s just the beginning; Arsenal and Digital Arms are also collaborating on hosting exclusive tournaments, unveiling unique rewards, and incorporating a wider array of licensed digital firearms to continually enrich the gaming landscape.

Breaking New Ground in Gaming

Arsenal stands out with its high-quality graphics, fluid gameplay, and the enticing spirit of competition. The addition of Digital Arms’ IP-licensed assets will further enrich this gaming experience, providing players with a deeper sense of realism and a stronger connection to their in-game assets.

Expanding Horizons:

This collaboration opens up a world of possibilities and benefits for the players:

Sponsored Tournaments & Events:

Digital Arms sponsored gaming tournaments within Arsenal, with exclusive firearm NFTs and $HNTR as prizes.

Limited Edition NFTs: Keep an eye out for exclusive NFT drops that add a distinctive touch to your collection.

Strategic Gameplay: The integration of iconic well known digital firearms will introduce new strategic elements and heighten the gaming experience.

Play to Earn Model:

Develop exclusive $HNTR Token Play to Earn opportunities for users utilizing Digital Arms’ assets.

About Arsenal & Fabwelt Studios:

With its cutting-edge features and integration of blockchain technology, Arsenal has attracted a diverse and growing player base. The game offers immersive action, top-tier graphics, unique in-game blockchain assets, a rewarding Play to Earn model, participation in exciting tournaments, and the opportunity to own exclusive NFTs.

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About Digital Arms:

Digital Arms is at the forefront of revolutionizing the gaming ecosystem with its authentic, licensed firearm NFTs. The company is committed to enhancing the gaming experience by providing exclusive digital assets and fostering partnerships that bring value, excitement, and a sense of ownership to gamers worldwide.
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