Digital Arms Joins Forces with PvP, Revolutionizing the Gaming Ecosystem with Authentic IP-licensed Firearm NFTs

Digital Arms
3 min readOct 25, 2023


Sydney Australia — Digital Arms, a leading force in IP-licensed firearm NFTs, is elated to announce a strategic partnership with PvP. With an unparalleled commitment to innovation, Digital Arms has cemented its name at the nexus of blockchain technology, NFTs, and the real-world firearms sector.

The core of Digital Arms’ operations is the native HNTR token. Serving as the heartbeat of its ecosystem, HNTR powers transactions, enhances the platform’s utility, and is central to minting and trading NFTs within the marketplace. Token holders are in for a suite of advantages that set the HNTR token apart.

Chris W, Founder of Digital Arms, remarks, “Our alliance with PvP — a brand celebrated for its innovation in gaming — is a step towards a transformed gaming horizon. We’re intertwining true-to-life realism with our elite NFT collections and rewards. We’re on a journey to a gaming paradigm where every participant feels recognized and cherished.”

This collaboration promises immense value:

Exclusive Showcase on PvP: Digital Arms will have a dedicated spotlight within PvP’s burgeoning NFT marketplace, presenting a curated selection of IP-licensed firearm NFTs. To commemorate this union, the PvP community can look forward to special discounts and limited-period offers, elevating their gaming arsenal.

Digital Arms-Powered Tournaments: Digital Arms is set to sponsor a range of tournaments, setting the stage for gamers to bag rare firearm NFTs & HNTR tokens. Furthermore, as PvP’s partner community swells, they can expect to earn PvP tokens.

Deep Collaborations with Game Developers: Digital Arms is poised to weave its unmatched firearm assets into diverse games within the PvP fraternity. This integration promises to amplify realism and infuse games with an unmatched depth, enriching every gaming endeavor on the platform.

Rewarding Gaming Adventures: Gamers utilizing Digital Arms’ assets can brace themselves for gripping missions and challenges across partner games. Emerging victorious will see them reaping unique NFTs, HNTR tokens, and a treasure trove of rewards, making each game a riveting voyage where thrill converges with unmatched incentives.

Phil Stover, Co-founder & CEO of PvP, voices his excitement, “The IP-licensed firearms from Digital Arms are a breakthrough in gaming realism. We’re charged up about introducing them to our community through the PvP Marketplace. This partnership is set to be a value multiplier for all our gaming affiliates!”

About Digital Arms:

Digital Arms is at the forefront of revolutionizing the gaming ecosystem with its authentic, licensed firearm NFTs. The company is committed to enhancing the gaming experience by providing exclusive digital assets and fostering partnerships that bring value, excitement, and a sense of ownership to gamers worldwide.

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Digital Arms

Digital Arms, an NFT trading platform for firearm, gaming and hunting enthusiasts, is making it possible to buy branded NFT firearms.