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Digital Arms
2 min readApr 10, 2022


Digital Arms is ramping up to its much anticipated $HNTR token and marketplace launch and to further boost this platform we have partnered with VoxMagna. Digital Arms is bringing an NFT trading platform to the firearm, gaming and hunting marketplaces. For the first time ever, firearm enthusiasts and collectors will be able to purchase branded firearm and firearm accessories NFTs and use them in games and other digital platforms. Digital Arms hosts exclusive IP rights to the world’s leading firearm brands along with most popular AAA gaming firearms.

Furthermore, we have partnered with VoxMagna to help us with marketing solutions, as well as develop our strategy and really make our project shine.

VoxMagna is experienced in helping projects get noticed and get the credit they deserve. With comprehensive strategies, a roster of solutions and services, VoxMagna prioritizes long-term sustainable growth, making available for projects to focus on their inner solutions and improvements, not having to worry about external issues, such as marketing, reaching the target audience, etc.

Why VoxMagna?

‘’VoxMagna is considered to be one of the leading marketing firms in the crypto and NFT space, leveraging on their deep connections and proven track record we have confidence that this partnership will see the Digital Arms brand exposure significantly increased“ Ben Clarke CMO — Digital Arms

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About Digital Arms

Digital Arms has created relationships with world-renowned firearm and accessory brands on the release of NFTs, owing to its deep roots in the worldwide hunting and firearm sectors.

Each Digital Arms NFT will have a unique identity that will allow applications such as video games and metaverses to read the data and recreate weaponry in their digital environment.

The Digital Arms ecosystem has the Hunter token $HNTR at its core.

Firearm Merchants can set up their own stores on our platform to display their goods and services. They’ll be able to accept $HNTR on all or specific products. Additionally, retailers can pay a charge in $HNTR to market their store or items through non-invasive adverts and pay a fee in $HNTR.

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Digital Arms

Digital Arms, an NFT trading platform for firearm, gaming and hunting enthusiasts, is making it possible to buy branded NFT firearms.