Hunter Token Partners with ApeBond (Formerly ApeSwap): Introducing ApeBond Bonds for Sustainable Liquidity

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2 min readJan 4, 2024


Hunter Token is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ApeBond, previously known as ApeSwap, a prominent decentralized exchange and DeFi platform. This collaboration, set to launch in mid-December, aims to significantly enhance the liquidity of the newly established USDT/HNTR pool on PancakeSwap and draw new investors to the Hunter Token ecosystem. The introduction of ApeBond Bonds, building upon the legacy of ApeSwap, marks a critical development in boosting the long-term sustainability and growth of Hunter Token.

Introducing ApeBond Bonds: A Revolutionary Approach to Liquidity

Embracing the innovative legacy of its predecessor, ApeSwap, ApeBond introduces a groundbreaking approach to liquidity generation and sustainability with its unique product, ApeBond Bonds. These Bonds blend elements of traditional finance (TradFi), decentralized finance (DeFi), and NFTs to offer users tokens at discounted rates. Participants exchange liquidity provider (LP) tokens or single assets like blue-chip tokens or stablecoins for a unique NFT. This NFT represents the output tokens, vesting over a set period.

Advantages for Hunter Token and Its Community

Enhanced Liquidity: The partnership with ApeBond is designed to secure sustainable liquidity for the USDT/HNTR pool, overcoming the limitations of traditional liquidity renting models in DeFi.

Investor Attraction: By providing tokens at a discount through Bonds, Hunter Token aims to captivate new investors seeking value and potential for long-term growth.

Protocol-Owned Liquidity: This strategy allows Hunter Token to maintain ownership of generated liquidity, ensuring greater stability and control over its financial ecosystem.

Upon purchasing an ApeBond Bond, users receive an NFT that symbolizes the discounted tokens as they vest. This NFT can be retained until all tokens are claimable or transferred, offering flexibility and opportunities for secondary market trading.

What’s Next?

This partnership signifies a major milestone in Hunter Token’s mission to establish a resilient and dynamic ecosystem for its users. Utilizing ApeBond’s innovative Bond system, a continuation of ApeSwap’s vision, Hunter Token is on track to improve its liquidity, attract a broader investor base, and fortify its presence in the DeFi landscape.

Stay tuned for further updates and comprehensive guides on participating in the ApeBond Bonds program with Hunter Token. For more information, visit the official Hunter Token website and the ApeBond platform.

About ApeBond:

ApeBond is a multi-chain bonding protocol committed to building a sustainable DeFi future for projects and communities.

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