Meta Marines NFT collection sold out in just 36 hours!

Digital Arms
2 min readMay 8, 2023


Digital Arms’ highly anticipated Meta Marines NFT collection sold out in just 36 hours after its launch, marking a major milestone for the company and the digital collectibles industry.

Crafted in partnership with renowned animation firm Xentrix Studios Australia, the Meta Marines NFT collection featured 616 game-ready digital collectibles, each with its own unique traits and characteristics. The collection introduced a military-inspired ranking system, adding depth and excitement to the collection.

Holders of higher-ranked Marines will enjoy exclusivity, massive bonuses, huge ongoing airdrops, and rewards, enhancing the collection’s appeal and collectability. This dynamic narrative fostered a sense of pride and achievement for holders, making the Meta Marines collection even more sought-after.

In addition to the military-inspired ranking system, Meta Marine holders enjoyed a variety of long-term benefits, including future airdrops for holders, staking $HNTR tokens, digital collectible firearms, exclusive skins, future soldier drops, and whitelisting for IP licensed collectibles.

The exclusive set of 616 NFTs could only be purchased with HNTR tokens or through our credit card purchasing system, adding value to the token ecosystem and its holders. Meta Marine assets offered numerous advantages, such as proof of ownership and authenticity for gaming assets, 200% APY bonus pools for soldier NFT holders, tradable and valuable digital assets, immutability and preservation of rarity and uniqueness, and cross-platform compatibility with partnered NFT groups.

Meta Marine holders also had the opportunity to participate in exciting prize opportunities, including a chance to win a 500,000 HNTR prize for wallet holders with three avatars, as well as 200% APY bonus pools for NFT holders.

Digital Arms continues to revolutionize the world of digital collectibles and gaming with its advanced marketplace, rewarding staking opportunities, and game-ready NFT collectibles, all enriched by an immersive ranking system. The success of the Meta Marines NFT collection underscores the growing popularity and mainstream acceptance of digital collectibles and blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Digital Arms as they continue to push the boundaries of the digital collectibles industry. Visit the Digital Arms marketplace to discover more exclusive NFT collectibles and explore the exhilarating world of crypto warfare.

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